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Product Range Questions

Q. Why have you reduced the Packaging options?

A. It was a big decision, but when we refreshed our packaging it just made sense to simplify our range as much as possible around customer demand. It was hard for us to continue to purchase some packaging without the volume. We hope that the new range meets your needs. However, if there is something that really makes a huge impact, we can review in time. So let us know!  

Q. No More Bulk Packets?

A. We actually found a nice middle ground between the Bulk Packet and the Tin Refill. Our new refill bag is the same price per serve as the bulk packet, but not too big it takes a long time for the majority of our customers to get through the product. 

Q. Some prices have gone up, some have gone done - why?

A. We have not put up our prices for over 4 years. During that time, some herbs and teas have gone up significantly and we have absorbed this cost. Unfortunately, they are continuing to go up and we couldn't continue to absorb the price. Luckily, we have also found some new suppliers and that has helped to reduce the cost of other products. We are really happy to chat further with you on the pricing so it's as transparent as possible. 


Tea Portal Questions

Q. Can I still order by phone or email?

A. Absolutely! We are still here to take your orders if you prefer your current method. Unfortunately, we are not able to be 24hrs and know that sometimes you only have some downtime in the evenings to order, or on the fly with your mobile. 

Q. I would like to invite other ordering contacts to order - can I do that??

A. Absolutely, just let us know who they are and email address. When they become a user under your account, please be mindful you are giving them the authority to purchase.

Q. Can I update my contact details?

A. Yes, in the footer of the Tea Porta page, there is a "My Account" header that contains your contact details, previous orders and quick orders! 


If there isn't something here you require an answer on, please call us on the landline+612 6687 2093. Or email us on orders@byronbayteacompany.com.au