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Branding & Social Media Assets

 Tea in the digital age! We have spent quite some time refreshing our brand and creating some fantastic social media content that we hope bring our tea to life with visuals. We know you work in a fast paced environment, so we have sped up the process by providing you with all the key information you require to promote our tea brand to customers. If you get stuck, or don't find what you require, of course contact us and we will do our best to supply ASAP.



We have prepared a 1-page guide to using our new branding and logo that you should read before utilising our branding and logo. Its so you can make sure it shines and has the best result! We have shared all you require in this linked Branding Folder. If you would like to know more about our new branding, then following this link.



Social Media & Photography

As a starting point, we have supplied a range of photos for you to utilise in Social Media. We have shared all you require in this linked Social Media Folder.  We are adding to it all the time, and will notify you when new photos have been uploaded into the folder. We have some key promotions through out the year, which will link back to this folder for assets to use in social.