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Onboarding with us

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When you partner with Byron Bay Tea Company, it's not a transactional approach. We believe tea is more than just an add-on to a menu, but a rich steeped cultural tradition that permeates through the quality of our products in tea service. A little knowledge can go a long way to help customers be transported to a magical place with a sip of tea. We have shared all of our insights so your business can be ready for the tea ceremony!

The Byron Bay Tea Portal has been designed as an on-boarding tool for new customers, but also for existing customers to keep abreast with the latest promotions, social media assets and products. We can set up multiple staff logins to help them familiarise with the product. The portal has been designed as a way to order anytime you would like, and update your information if it changes at any stage. 

Below, we have hyperlinked some key pieces of content that will give a great snapshot for your Tea Journey! If you don't see something that you would like to know about, or a suggestion for the Tea Portal, please message us and we will share we will look into how we can provide it.



Chapter 1: The Byron Bay Tea Company Difference

  • Our Story
  • What we stand for Quality, Freshness and Service
  • The journey from Leaf to Cup


Chapter 2: Tea 101, a 20 min overview to become a tea master!

  • What Makes Good Quality Tea?
  • What’s the Difference between Tea and Herbal Tea?
  • What are the Health Properties of the Byron Bay Tea Company Teas?


Chapter 3: What Tea to Stock

  • What are Tea Drinkers in Australia Looking for?
  • What Teas should I Serve/Stock in my Business?
  • What is better; Teabags or Loose Leaf?


Chapter 4: Tea Service

  • How to Maintain Freshness and Quality: Best ways to store tea
  • We Don’t Have the Resources for conducting a Staff Training, is there an Alternative Option to Help Educate our Staff?
  • How do you Brew Tea?


Chapter 5: How to best promote your Tea

  • Tea Tasting Tips & Sampling
  • Social Media & Signage
  • Quarterly Promotions


Wholesalers Knowledge Hub

To help add value to your business, we have created a Wholesaler Knowledge Hub with all of the information you require to get up and running as soon as possible.